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Espresso Marshmallows

Espresso marshmallows are packed with coffee flavor. They are perfect for hot chocolate, adult s’mores or on their own. I started making marshmallows a few years ago. Once you discover how amazing homemade marshmallows are, store bought marshmallows just don’t cut it.  There are two types of homemade marshmallows – Italian meringue and gelatin-based. Italian… Continue reading Espresso Marshmallows


Chocolate Hazelnut Linzer Cookies

Replace jam with chocolate hazelnut spread and then add some ground hazelnuts to the dough for a wonderful holiday treat.  Chocolate hazelnut Linzer cookies are bound to become a tradition in your family. My daughter, Becks, was the most picky eater in our family.  When she was young, she rejected foods on texture and taste.… Continue reading Chocolate Hazelnut Linzer Cookies