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Garlic Herb Croissants

Garlic Herb Croissants combine the buttery, flakey decadence of croissants with basil, garlic and parsley. The unbaked croissants freeze well so make them ahead for special occasions. I recently took a refresher course on croissant making.  It was online so my friends and I gathered to make it a dinner party.  I asked the instructor… Continue reading Garlic Herb Croissants

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Marmalade Chocolate Hot Cross Buns

Spices, candied orange peel and a decadent ball of chocolate ganache make these marmalade chocolate  hot cross buns outstanding. My sister always hated raisins. She thought they looked too much like chocolate chips so it was deceptive to use them. I’ve never shared my sister’s dislike for raisins but I do love chocolate and orange.… Continue reading Marmalade Chocolate Hot Cross Buns

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Chocolate Caramel Monkey Bread

Chocolate Caramel Monkey Bread – Soft buttery bread filled with chocolate and caramel topped with chocolate and caramel sauce. Make sure you have some friends over so you don’t eat this all by yourself! I’m glad there’s a hair salon below my apartment. I often give the employees the things I bake for the blog… Continue reading Chocolate Caramel Monkey Bread