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Easy Lamingtons

Lamingtons are chocolate and coconut covered sponge cakes. A whipped cream filling makes this version even more moist and delicious and if you start with pre-made ingredients, you can make these Easy Lamingtons in about 15 minutes.

A close up of a single easy lamington viewed from the side. The bottom and top layers are dark chocolate speckled with white cocolnut flakes. The middle layer is creamy whipped cream. Some of the chocolate from the top layer has spread into the whipped cream in the middle right of the cake.

My first experience with Lamingtons was seeing them at a church event in Cambodia. They looked so amazing but I wasn’t fast enough to get a taste. When I looked up what they were, I found out they were made by Australian settlers to rescue stale cake.

This is a recipe I whipped up just before I left Cambodia. It was one of the many things I made with left over ingredients. I had enough ingredients to make this sponge cake from Hungry Couple New York. I made mine in a two 8 x 8 inch pans and cooked them until a toothpick came out clean. I cut each pan into 9 slices.

Three Lamingtons sit on a white tray. They are viewed from about a 45 degree angle from the top so both the top and front are visible. Each lamington has two layers of dark chocolate cakes coated with white coconut. A thin layer of whipped cream peeks out from the middle of each cake.

If you want to save even more time, start with a frozen pound cake. Slice it into 1 inch thick slices and then cut the slices in halves (or fourths if you want your Lamingtons to be small).

I had a bottle of Hershey’s chocolate syrup in my refrigerator so I used that as my chocolate syrup. Because you’re dipping the cake in the syrup, it’s important that it either be stale or frozen. Freezing the cake before dipping keeps it from crumbling.

You dip the cake in chocolate first and then coconut. I put mine on a wire rack to let the excess chocolate drip off while I made the whipped cream filling.

A close up of one of the lamingtons on the tray. The words easy lamingtons are at the top of the photo.

The whipped cream doesn’t need to be that sweet because the cake is already pretty sweet. You can also skip the whipped cream altogether (traditional Lamingtons don’t have it) or use whipped topping. I like the balance of chocolate, coconut and whipped cream and I think the Easy Lamingtons look prettier with it.

Yield: 6 lamingtons

Easy Lamingtons

Easy Lamingtons
Prep Time 15 minutes
Total Time 15 minutes


  • Sponge cake or pound cake
  • 1 bottle Hershey's chocolate syrup
  • 2 cups unsweetened shredded dry coconut
  • 1 Cup whipping cream
  • 2 - 4 tablespoons powdered sugar (to taste)


  1. Cut the cake into squares or rectangles that are about 1 inch thick. Freeze the cake squares overnight.
  2. Squeeze chocolate syrup onto a plate and put coconut in another plate. Dip frozen cake squares into syrup to coat top and sides. Then dip top and sides in shredded coconut.
  3. Put on a wire rack.
  4. Whip cream until stiff peaks form. Fold in powdered sugar to taste.
  5. Put one slice of cake on a plate, top with 2 tablespoons whipped cream and then top with a second slice of cake. Repeat until you use all your slices. If there are spare slices, you can serve them without the whipped cream or you can serve whipped cream on the side and let guests assemble their own Lamingtons.

Nutrition Information:



Serving Size:


Amount Per Serving: Calories: 355Total Fat: 24gSaturated Fat: 17gTrans Fat: 1gUnsaturated Fat: 5gCholesterol: 58mgSodium: 174mgCarbohydrates: 34gFiber: 3gSugar: 25gProtein: 3g

Nutrition information is provided as a guide only. Please consult a dietician for specific dietary needs

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